A downloadable asset pack

  • 245 fantasy RPG icons at 32x32px 
  • Bright and colourful palette
  • Icons with and without backgrounds
  • Weapons, armour, potions, food, fishing items, instruments, skills and more      

This is a free icon pack with 209 unique icons and 36 recolours, with 245 icons in total. The spritesheet and 32x32 icon size were designed with RPG Maker MV in mind, but these icons can be used for any project that can use 32x32 sprites. There are several icon backgrounds to choose from, along with the original transparent option.

You can use and remix these icons for commercial games and projects. Many of these icons were based on the designs over at game-icons.net which are CC BY 3.0.

Here are all of the icons in the pack listed:    

11 STATUS EFFECTS. Skull and bones, poison, sleeping eye, silenced, cursed, dizzy, charmed, sleeping, paralysis, burned, sweat-drop.  

5 BODY ICONS. Heart, lungs, stomach, brain, strong arm. 

7 BUFFS & DEBUFFS. x3 buff arrows, x3 debuff arrows, repeat arrow.  

16 SPECIAL MOVES. Dripping blade, saber slash, lightning attack, headshot, raining arrows, healing, heal injury, battle gear, guard, ring of fire, disintegrate, fist hit, gust of air, tremor, psychic waves, sunrays.  

9 NON COMBAT ACTIONS. Square speech bubble, round speech bubble, campfire, camping tent, blacksmith, mining, woodcutting, spellbook, steal.  

28 WEAPONS. Wooden waster, longsword, enchanted sword, katana, gladius, saber, dagger, broad dagger, sai, dual swords, war axe, battle axe, flail, spiked club, whip, fist, buckler shield, wooden shield, checkered shield, bow & arrow, crossbow, slingshot, boomerang, wizard staff, x4 magic gem staffs.  

26 CLOTHING & ARMOUR. Robin hood hat, barbute helm, leather helm, cross helm, iron armour, steel armour, leather armour, layered plate armour, blue tunic, green tunic, trousers, shorts, heart boxers, dress, cloak, belt, leather gauntlet, metal gauntlet, leather boots, steeltoe boots, ring, diamond ring, gold necklace, prayer beads, tribal necklace, leather pouch.  

16 HEALING ITEMS.  X4 Normal potions, x4 upgraded potions, x4 rare potions, x3 special brew potions, bandage. 

64 GENERAL ITEMS. Knapsack, axe, pickaxe, shovel, hammer, grappling hook, hookshot, telescope, magnifying glass, lantern, torch, candle, bomb, rope, bear trap, hourglass. Runestone, mirror, shackles, lyre, violin, ocarina, flute, panpipes, hunting/war horn, brass key, silver keyring, treasure chest, mortar and pestle, herb1, herb2, herb. Mushrooms, flower bulb, root tip, plant-pot seedling, plant-pot growing, plant-pot fully grown, money purse, crown coin, bronze coin stack, silver coin stack, gold coin stack, large gold coin stack, receive money, pay money, gems, rupee. x8 books, open book, letter, tied scroll, open scroll, old map, dice, card, bottle of wine. 

31 FOOD. Apple, banana, pear, lemon, strawberry, grapes, carrot, sweetcorn, garlic, tomato, eggplant/aubergine, red chili, mushroom, loaf of bread, baguette, whole chicken. Chicken leg, sirloin steak, ham, morsel, cooked fish, eggs, big egg, cheese, milk, honey, salt, spices, candy, cake, drink.  

15 FISHING ITEMS. Fishing rod, fishing hook, worm bait, lake trout, brown trout, eel, tropical fish, clownfish, jellyfish, octopus, turtle, fish-bone, old boot, fossil, sunken chest.  

11 RESOURCES. Wood, stone, ore, gold, gems, cotton, yarn, cloth, pelts, monster claw, feathers. 

6 ORBS. x6 Orbs of different colours.


Shikashi's Fantasy Icons Pack.zip 1 MB


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Thanks for making these awesome sprites ! I would love to use some of them for my little project 😄 

Glad you like them! Link your project here when you're done :)


Will do !

There is more like this? To buy maybe?

There is only this one for now, but I will make more packs like this in the future.

Ok, thanks for the reply, keep doing this great work, I love it.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

They are amazing :D 
Keep up the good work :)

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you. I'll use it well. :)

You're welcome, I'd love to see what you put together!

Thanks,   what program did you do this?

I made them in Photoshop.


Someone linked your assets to me as an option to use for GMTK's game jam :D . Though I partnered with an artist, with not enough time I ended up using a few of your icons for it! Thank you, you're a lifesaver. 


Glad it helped! Best of luck!!


Hi! I used your crossbow and spellbook icons for a project that I just called finished. Thanks so much for making free assets for new game devs :) Check out Sword Dude here: https://shikashiassets.itch.io/

Wow, nice job! You're very welcome, it's great seeing them in action. I'll be releasing more free assets in the near future too so keep an eye out :D

will a 16x16 pack be available at some point the future ? 

Not for this pack, but I will do other 16x16 icon packs in the future.

can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.


Yes, no problem! All I ask is you credit "Shikashi" and "game-icons.net". Thanks!

Hello, i adore this art.

How can I use it for commercial purposes?

Hey, thanks! Just list "Shikashi" and "game-icons.net" in credits, that's all!

this is fantastic.

Thank you :)


really love this

Thanks! Hope it's useful to you!

Thank you! What a fantastic icon sets!

Thank you for the lovely comment!

Is this CCO?

Many of these icons were based on designs over at game-icons.net which are CC BY 3.0.


I want to ask a few things about this pack. Can you please contact me at omergunduz123@hotmail.com


Hi, sent an email.